Sustainable development in schools and preschools

COM-U 2009–2011

The COM-U project, Communicating environmental actions to children and youth, has been implementing an awareness raising campaign on the EU environmental policy and in particular the sixth environmental action programme. COM-U has been a national demonstration project that has been carried out between 2009 and 2011, partly financed by the EU fund Life+. The main objective of the project has been to create a well informed generation that has the tools and the power to act and is able to tackle environmental issues.

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Main actions

The main actions of the project have been the following:

Developing a network

To develop a network of regional coordinators that continuously support the implementation of the awareness rising campaign through courses, network meetings and personal support.

Implementing EU environmental policy courses

The purpose of these courses has been to inspire teachers to work with the Swedish environmental objectives and to offer teachers communication tools. One element in the course has been to illustrate how the Eco-School programme can be used as a tool for working with the EU environmental policy. The first courses has been offered to environmental representative from schools. At the second phase all school personnel have all been able to attend.

Implementing regional network meetings

The purpose of the meetings has been to discuss communication tools and best practices and to keep the regional network updated on the sixth environmental action programme. Schools from the regional network has been participate at the meetings

Developing information materials

COM-U has been developing information materials, for example films, competitions, teachers guides and information material for different age groups. The project has been developing newsletters for different groups to inform about the project and the sixth environmental action programme.

Eco-Schools program as the main tool

The Eco-Schools program has been the main tool of all the major actions within the project. The Eco-School programme has been a tool and a method for working with the EU environmental policy in a democratic, structured and continuous way.

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Disseminating COM-U experience to other EU member states

Experiences from the COM-U project have been transferred to other countries within EU. The experiences from the project have been disseminated through the website, newsletters and through an international conference in 2011.

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