What do we do?

Keep Sweden Tidy runs several public campaigns and projects to encourage a sustainable environmental development. 

Campaigns against litter

We change attitudes and behaviour regarding littering through our campaigns. Keep Sweden Tidy has been organizing Litter Picking Days for decades and not just to help clean up the environment temporarily. It is our belief that if you pick up litter, you start discovering the impact that even the smallest piece of litter has. During the spring months of March, April and May every year, schools, preschools, companies, organizations and municipalities are encouraged to go out and pick litter in their nearby environment. In 2015 more than 804 570 people and 268 municipalities joined in, which shows that littering is an important issue for many people. 

During spring, we also arrange a campaign specifically aimed at marine littering – Clean-Up Coast. All around Sweden’s coastline, people manifest against marine litter by clean-up activities and documentation. The aim is to increase the knowledge and put marine litter on the political agenda. And to find solutions to stop the littering of our seas!

Keep Sweden Tidy is also spreading knowledge about the Swedish Outdoor Access Rights (Allemansrätten) and what you are allowed to do while enjoying the forests, lakes and mountains of Sweden. Some of the material is also available in English, German and Dutch.

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Knowledge and facts about littering

Keep Sweden Tidy has with support from Statistics Sweden and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency developed methods for measuring litter in a number of environments – cities, towns, beaches and parks. Litter measuring reveals the extent of the litter and what it consists of. The results can be used to evaluate and adjust the actions being taken to reduce littering. Litter is a problem handled by the 290 Swedish municipalities and Keep Sweden Tidy provides methods and tools to facilitate their strategic work. 

Educating children and youths

Keep Sweden Tidy educates children and youths about environment, mostly through our Eco-Schools Program, an international programme of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Eco-Schools aim to empower students to be the change our sustainable world needs by engaging them in fun, action-orientated learning.

The programme started in Europe in the early 1990s and was introduced in Sweden in 1996, coordinated by the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation. In Sweden the program is called "Grön Flagg" (Green Flag) and today there are about 2500 units in the Swedish network.

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Agricultural Scrap Metal and Hazardous Waste

Keep Sweden Tidy runs a project with the aim to clear the Swedish countryside from agricultural scrap and hazardous waste. Keep the Countryside Clean (Håll landsbygden ren) collects the metal and the waste from farmers in order to recycle it. During 2007-2017, we collected 9 358 ton hazardous waste and 56 077 ton agricultural scrap. The project is possible thanks to a unique cooperation with Länsförsäkringar, a Swedish Insurance company.

Environmental Award

Keep Sweden Tidy manages an environmental award: Eco-labelled Event – The Foundation's Environmental Award for Events (Miljömärkt Event) are given to public events, for example contests and concerts, which work actively on reducing their environmental impact.